Classes start at UGA with most qualified class in university history

August 16, 2013
by Jere W. Morehead, President

Classes for the 2013 fall semester start Monday and we will be fully about our core mission at UGA.  This is always an exciting time, when the energy level on campus increases as 35,000 students return, but it is especially so this year for me as I have the honor of opening the term as the 22nd President.

The freshman class is the most academically qualified in UGA history – some 5,150 students who brought to campus an average GPA of 3.86 and an SAT average of 1280. As if that were not strong enough, in the Honors Program 526 new students bring a GPA of 4.07 and an SAT average of 1462. Perhaps the best news for Georgia is that some 87% of the freshmen are Georgians.  This state can – and does – prepare students for top-level academic work.

My focus will always be on strengthening the core academic mission of the institution.  We owe our students and their families nothing less than the best possible educational experience, and we owe the state our service in addressing its most pressing problems.

I am excited about this academic year and humbled by the responsibility.  There are great days ahead for the University of Georgia.