The Economic Impact of UGA

July 11, 2013
by Jere W. Morehead, President

A study released this week by the University System of Georgia, which was conducted by the Selig Center for Economic Growth in our own Terry College of Business, found that the economic impact of the University of Georgia on the Athens-area economy last year was more than $2.1 billion.  (FULL REPORT [pdf] : The Economic Impact of University System of Georgia Institutions on their Regional Economies in FY 2012 )

Our core mission is academics, of course, and that is my focus as president. But a university of this size, with a student body of nearly 35,000 and an annual budget of some $1.3 billion, is also an economic force for its home area. I am gratified that an educational institution can have such a positive economic impact.

In fact, I have pledged that UGA will be even more intentional and deliberate about economic development efforts. One of the pillars of the university's mission is service to the state, and that includes helping foster growth and prosperity. This institution has the capacity to be a transformative force for Georgia, and that is one of the reasons we have opened an economic development office in Atlanta.

As a land-grant university, we are charged with improving the lives of Georgians. In economic development and many other areas, we are.