Residential experience in Washington

March 17, 2014
by Jere W. Morehead, President

I spent a few days last week in Washington, DC with a group of first-year Foundation Fellows on their annual Spring Break trip to the nation’s capital, a tradition that I began as director of the Honors Program many years ago. UGA has always had a strong student presence in Washington through the Washington Semester Program, the Honors in Washington Internship Program and other programs managed by various colleges, schools and departments. I know from my own conversations with our students that their experiences in Washington have been invaluable.

I am very pleased that we have secured a permanent location for UGA’s growing presence in Washington  through the generous support of the UGA Foundation.  Located on Massachusetts Avenue, within sight of the Capitol, this facility will house approximately 30 undergraduate students per semester in an affordable and functional setting – but it is much more than just a student residence. It will be the University of Georgia’s front door in the nation’s capital. Renovations to the space will begin soon, and we plan to open in 2015.

Special opportunities like this are the hallmark of a UGA education. We are training leaders here, and a residential experience in Washington is another extraordinary opportunity for our undergraduate students.