UGA ranked No. 10 value by Kiplinger’s

December 16, 2013
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The University of Georgia is ranked 10th this year – up five places from last year – in the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine list of the best public colleges and universities in America.  The magazine cited a high four-year graduation rate, abundant financial aid and overall value in citing the university.

"Georgia jumped five places in our rankings this year, thanks to improved test scores and a more competitive admission rate. It has one of the highest yields in our top 10: Nearly half of students who earn acceptance letters choose to enroll, and 94 percent stick around after the first year," wrote Kiplinger’s.

This ranking is indeed good news and supports what I have known for many years – the University of Georgia provides a great education at a reasonable cost.  I am grateful to the faculty and staff whose good work every day makes such recognition possible.