The University community has endorsed a bold vision for its future, and this vision can only be achieved through thoughtful, coordinated, and collective action across campus.

The 2025 Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for the University community and is grounded in three broad and mission-centered strategic directions:

  1. Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  2. Growing Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
  3. Strengthening Partnerships with Communities across Georgia and around the World

Based on themes emerging from an extensive data collection process that included benchmarking and input from campus and external stakeholders, the 2025 Strategic Planning Committee identified specific goals under each strategic direction.

These University-level goals define areas for focused effort by academic and administrative units over the next five years. By developing unit-level operational plans that align unit efforts and resources where appropriate with these University goals, the entire University community will work together to ensure UGA builds on its recent successes and continues its upward trajectory among leading public research universities.