Ashitha Rajeurs, who graduated in May with bachelor degrees in biology and psychology, made the most of her time at UGA.

As an Honors student, Rajeurs prepared for a career in medicine by conducting tuberculosis research with infectious disease faculty. She also honed her leadership skills as a summer orientation leader and a fellow in the Institute for Leadership Advancement in the Terry College of Business. Rajeurs, who is now in medical school, also was voted the 2016 Homecoming Queen.

“Looking back, I am in awe of all the opportunities I have had in the past four years, and I know that none of it could have been possible without the support of the University and its donors. My experiences with the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities and the Terry College of Business have been instrumental in my development as a student as well as a leader. Both programs were contingent upon the generosity of UGA’s donors, and I can’t thank them enough for their support of my academic career.”
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