Stan Shelton, a resident of Boston, Massachusetts, has been an engaged alumnus of the University of Georgia for decades. Early in his career, he helped establish a new employee recruiting program for his employer. Shelton advocated for his company to expand its recruitment beyond the traditional approach of visiting universities in the Northeast to recruit students from UGA.

Fast forward to 2008. Shelton accepted an invitation to serve on the University of Georgia Foundation board of trustees. In addition to donating his time, Stan and his wife, Dotty, have established a fund to support the Honors Program as well as an endowed professorship in the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA).

“Dotty and I enjoy supporting the academic excellence of the University. That’s why the Honors Program is so important, ” Shelton said. “The program sets high standards, which allows us to be able to attract and retain top-tier students who are very important to the future of the University.”

The great rapport Stan developed with his professors while attending UGA inspired him to establish an endowed professorship. “I’ll never forget some of the professors who helped shape me while in school, ” Shelton said. “I also think public policy is quite important, and the programs and professors in SPIA are great. We are committed to helping them continue on that path.”

Shelton views his generosity to UGA partially as an investment in the reputation of his degree and education, and he continues to encourage others to give back to the institutions important in their lives. “The decision to support something that is important to you is easy, especially when you can see the good it is doing, ” Shelton said. “If you can help, why wouldn’t you?”

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