David Chu

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, College of Pharmacy

As a retired faculty member, C.K. “David” Chu has remained actively involved with the College of Pharmacy. The David and Jane Chu Endowed Student Scholarship helps pharmacy students attend the college without financial burdens. Because his research focused on drug design, he created an endowed faculty position—the Georgia Research Alliance and David Chu Eminent Scholar in Drug Design—to expand research in this area. His family foundation also funds a lecture series, which brings in leaders in the field of drug discovery and design.

My wife and I are deeply grateful to the University of Georgia for providing me the opportunity to teach, research, and grow professionally. We have achieved the American dream, and we wanted to give back. I hope to create opportunities for future faculty and students to conduct research in order to make life-changing discoveries and boost the reputation of UGA’s College of Pharmacy.