CDC SARS-CoV-2 Rendering

Combating COVID-19 through Research

October 01, 2020
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The University of Georgia continues to combat COVID-19 through a variety of ways. As a major research university with a mission to serve our state, nation, and world, we are well positioned to play a key role in this fight.

Among the many efforts in our schools and colleges across campus, UGA faculty have created a 3D model of the virus to help researchers understand how it attacks our immune system. Others have developed a tool to track the spread of the virus and forecast outbreaks. Our faculty are working on new diagnostic tests to detect COVID-19 faster. They are evaluating new therapeutics to help those already infected with the virus. And they are developing vaccines to stop the virus in its tracks.

The University was proud to be ranked among the Top 10 schools working to solve the coronavirus pandemic by Successful Student, a testament to our thriving and responsive research enterprise. Overall research and development expenditures at UGA topped nearly $500 million in Fiscal Year 2020, a 41% increase since Fiscal Year 2013. This is truly remarkable growth, brought on by the hard work of our faculty; strategic investments in capital projects; and new programs and services that enable, incentivize, and reward sponsored research.

UGA remains committed to finding solutions to the coronavirus pandemic and other grand challenges we face. The vital work of our research enterprise and our renowned faculty has never been more important.