Double Dawgs Program

June 27, 2017
by Jere W. Morehead, President

With summer orientation underway at UGA, we are reminded of the exciting new initiatives launched recently that will be available to our newest class of students. One of these initiatives, called “The UGA Advantage” or “Double Dawgs,” was introduced in February to create structured pathways for qualified students to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree within a five-year time frame.

The dual degrees offered through the Double Dawgs program can be within one department or discipline (e.g., Accounting BBA and Accounting MAcc) or across departments, schools, or colleges (e.g., Electrical Engineering BSEE and Business Administration MBA). By helping UGA students develop advanced skills and knowledge in just five years, the Double Dawgs program lowers the overall cost of education while giving our students a competitive advantage in the job market and in the workplace after graduation. 

In the coming year, UGA will seek to increase the number of Double Dawgs pathways, providing students with an even greater number of opportunities to tailor their education to their academic and career goals. The Double Dawgs program is just one of the many ways the University of Georgia continues to enhance its world-class learning environment for our outstanding students.