Faculty Hiring Initiatives

August 31, 2015
by Jere W. Morehead, President

Faculty play a vital role at the University of Georgia. Across disciplines, they conduct groundbreaking research and inspire student learning. Recruiting and retaining the very best faculty members remains a top priority of the institution, and, toward that end, UGA has introduced five major faculty hiring initiatives during the last two years.

The University recently announced two new hiring initiatives for the 2015-2016 academic year, including an effort to reduce class sizes by creating more than 300 new course sections and an initiative to hire up to eight new faculty members with expertise in informatics to build upon the University’s strengths in this burgeoning field.

Last fall, the University launched an initiative to recruit extraordinary research faculty to campus. Also in 2014, the institution hired ten new faculty members to teach in 80 high-demand course sections in which a limited number of available seats impeded student progress toward graduation. An interdisciplinary hiring initiative launched in fall 2013 brought 14 new faculty members to UGA.

These hiring initiatives demonstrate the University’s commitment to investing in world-class faculty to enhance the institution’s ability to conduct meaningful research, scholarship, and outreach while creating an unmatched learning environment for students. To date, nearly 65 new faculty members have been hired to newly created positions as a result of these important initiatives.