Rendering of University of Georgia Interdisciplinary STEM Research Building

Interdisciplinary STEM Research Building

November 28, 2018
by Jere W. Morehead, President

This week, the University of Georgia broke ground on the Interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (I-STEM) Research Building. The new 100,000 square foot facility, with four stories of laboratory and support space for chemistry and engineering, represents the future of research and education in the STEM fields at UGA.

Many of the complex problems of the 21st century—from crumbling infrastructure to chronic disease—require solutions that combine the latest advancements in a number of disciplines. The I-STEM Research Building will be a world-class facility that promotes creative, interdisciplinary approaches to research that will lead to new products and services that improve the quality of life in Georgia and beyond. Its design will foster interaction among the faculty members and graduate students who will be working there—interaction that builds upon current work and inspires new ideas and projects at the intersections of chemistry, engineering, and related STEM fields.

When this project, supported by $45 million in state funds, is complete, it will move UGA another step closer to fulfilling a larger, long-term vision that includes renovations to the Chemistry and Biological Sciences buildings in addition to other future projects. The University of Georgia will soon set the standard for research and education facilities where the next generation of scientists is trained and the next paradigm-shifting breakthrough is made.