UGA E-Mobility Summit

Investing in E-Mobility

April 27, 2023
by Jere W. Morehead, President

With a robust infrastructure, talented workforce, and expanding supply chain, the state of Georgia has emerged as a national leader in electric mobility, or e-mobility. Projects related to e-mobility contribute billions of dollars to Georgia’s economy, and significant investments in related technologies are being made throughout the state. As the state’s flagship university, UGA is committed to leveraging our strengths in teaching, research, and service to help solidify Georgia’s position as a hub of e-mobility innovation and development.

On April 21, the University of Georgia hosted its second annual E-Mobility Summit. Industry leaders, government officials, researchers, and economic development professionals came together to explore opportunities to advance the adoption of e-mobility, the educational programs needed to support the industry’s growth, and the future of e-mobility in Georgia and beyond. Connecting these key stakeholders is a vital step toward accelerating the e-mobility industry’s momentum in Georgia.

As part of the summit, UGA announced new investments and initiatives designed to expand our footprint in e-mobility research and education. These efforts include an interdisciplinary hiring initiative aimed at attracting 10 leading faculty members in areas such as engineering, public policy, business, and public service and outreach. We also created a $2 million seed grant program designed to jump-start new and innovative faculty research around e-mobility. Highlighting our strong collaboration with industry, Georgia Power announced a $5 million investment in UGA at the summit that will support partnerships with communities and other University System of Georgia institutions.

As a land-grant and sea-grant institution, UGA has a strong and special relationship with the great state we call home. We use our expertise and resources to improve lives and strengthen communities across Georgia. By further accelerating the growth of Georgia’s booming e-mobility sector, we are seizing an exciting opportunity to fulfill this mission.