Measures of Student Success Continue to Climb at UGA

November 01, 2016
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The University of Georgia’s four-year graduation rate climbed three points to 66 percent, an historic high and another strong signal of the University’s upward trajectory. To put this achievement into context, the average four-year graduation rate among our peer institutions is 49 percent and is 44 percent among SEC institutions. Our six-year graduation rate remained at a record level of 85 percent, well above the average of 74 percent among our peer institutions and 70 percent among SEC institutions.

Another key measure of student success is freshman retention, which measures the percentage of first-time, first-year undergraduates who continue at UGA the next year. Our retention rate matched last year’s record of 95 percent. Again, to provide context, the average retention rate is 89 percent among UGA’s peer institutions and 88 percent among SEC institutions.

Strong performance in these critical areas reflects the dedication of many individuals across campus—over many years—to putting students first at the University of Georgia. From enhancing academic advising and reducing class sizes to expanding course offerings and providing experiential learning opportunities, student success remains at the heart of all that we do at UGA.