Dundee Cafe at UGA-Griffin

The Power of Private Support

October 23, 2018
by Jere W. Morehead, President

This month, the University of Georgia celebrated improvements to our campuses in Athens and Griffin that were made possible by the generous support of private donors. At UGA-Griffin, a significant gift from the Dundee Community Association allowed the University to transform a historic mule barn into the Dundee Café. Built in 1913 to demonstrate the latest construction methods of the time, the mule barn had sat dormant for a number of years. Thanks to the Dundee Community Association, it is now a vibrant hub for the Griffin campus and the Griffin-Spalding community

A dedication ceremony for the Lake Herrick Watershed Restoration Project was held last week to mark the reopening of this special part of the Athens campus. With support from the Georgia Power Foundation and the Riverview Foundation, members of UGA and the Athens community developed a plan to restore and maintain the water quality of the lake and surrounding watershed. Thanks to their dedicated efforts and critical funds from our donors, Lake Herrick is once again open to the public as a recreational resource and a living laboratory.

In both projects, corporate or community-based funding provided the catalysts needed to achieve the University’s goals. Now, through the power of private support, the Dundee Café and Lake Herrick are further enhancing the learning environment for our students and further strengthening UGA’s connections to the communities surrounding our campuses.