University of Georgia Chapel Bell

Thank You, Faculty and Staff

May 08, 2018
by Jere W. Morehead, President

I would like to congratulate the faculty and staff at the University of Georgia on another exceptional academic year. It truly was a remarkable one, filled with special moments and historic achievements. Here are just a few:

  • Key measures of student success climbed to all-time highs.

  • Research productivity continued to surge, reaching record levels.

  • Annual economic impact further expanded across the state.

  • Private giving grew exponentially, as did the number of new need-based student scholarships.

  • Critical capital projects were completed, such as the Business Learning Community Phase II, Center for Molecular Medicine, and Tifton Agricultural Research Building.

  • Pioneering new initiatives were launched across the enterprise to push the boundaries of teaching, research, and service.

For all of these accomplishments—and the many others not listed here—I want to say thank you. Our faculty and staff are the life force of this University, and they are the reason it is soaring to new heights of excellence. I am honored to serve alongside them each and every day and to have a front-row seat to their many outstanding achievements. Through hard work and commitment, they are making a difference in the lives of our students and in the futures of communities throughout this state and around the world. I am deeply grateful.

I wish all of our faculty and staff a wonderful summer. I know how important this time is to the success of the upcoming academic year, and I hope this summer is productive and rejuvenating for everyone.