Promoting Student Mental Health and Well-Being

March 23, 2023
by Jere W. Morehead, President

In addition to providing instruction that prepares students for academic and career success, a university must create an environment that fosters personal growth and supports students in addressing their mental health and well-being needs. The University of Georgia is in the midst of a multi-year initiative to ensure that we are achieving these aims.

In 2020, UGA’s Division of Student Affairs launched the Well-Being and Success Initiative to create a network of campus-wide programs and resources and convene campus leaders to coordinate support for students. Since then, the University has launched several successful programs, including in-person and virtual workshops, partnerships with apps such as Headspace and Togetherall, telehealth therapy, 24/7 access to counseling and psychiatric services, and centralized communication of well-being resources via a Well-Being Resources website.

Last year, I dedicated $1 million in private funds to further expand and strengthen UGA’s extensive mental health and well-being offerings. Donors have answered the call to support our students as well, including a $1 million grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation for UGA’s Fontaine Center, which offers programs focused on issues related to alcohol and other drugs as well as sexual violence prevention and advocacy.

Student success is my greatest passion. I am proud of all that UGA is doing to cultivate a culture of care that helps students to learn and succeed at the highest levels in all aspects of their lives.