Work-Based Learning Development Program UGA-ACC

Stronger Relationships and Brighter Futures

March 27, 2018
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The University of Georgia places great value on our relationship with the Athens-Clarke County community. Particularly inspiring are programs that introduce Athens students to the many educational and career opportunities available at UGA. Two of these programs are the Great Promise Partnership and the Work-Based Learning Program.

The statewide Great Promise Partnership program, launched by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in 2012, and the Work-Based Learning Program, offered by the Clarke County School District for the past several years, provide work experience to students while they are still enrolled in high school. Students are placed in part-time jobs or internships on the UGA campus related to their academic and professional aspirations. They also receive training from the UGA Career Center on workplace etiquette in preparation for their new roles. Johnelle Simpson, an outstanding UGA alumnus who served as President of the Student Government Association as an undergraduate, coordinates both programs for the Clarke County School District. 

Whether the Athens students work alongside UGA students and faculty in a laboratory or help staff members with administrative tasks such as updating websites and assisting with college events, both the students and the University accrue many benefits from these programs. The high school students see what life is like for undergraduates at UGA while they gain hands-on experience in their fields of interest. We gain from the enthusiasm and hard work of talented Athens students while the relationship between the University and our surrounding community grows stronger. Athens-Clarke County recently was named a Platinum Cornerstone Community by the Great Promise Partnership program for the strength of its partnerships and the success its students have achieved. Programs such as the Great Promise Partnership and the Work-Based Learning Program help to ensure a brighter future for everyone involved.