UGA’s Growing Economic Impact on Georgia

February 13, 2018
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The University of Georgia continues to expand its positive impact on our home state, improving the lives of individuals and communities in each of Georgia’s 159 counties. The latest study shows that our teaching, research, and service endeavors generate $5.7 billion in economic impact across the state each year. 

Nearly two thirds of our graduates remain in Georgia after earning their degrees, strengthening the workforce and creating new businesses. UGA faculty contribute to the economy through their inventions and discoveries, which have led to more than 675 products and more than 160 startup companies to date. And last year alone, the University’s Small Business Development Center provided nearly 3,700 small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs with advice and expertise through its 17 offices across Georgia. SBDC assistance helped launch nearly 350 new businesses last year as well.

It is clear that the University of Georgia is an integral part of the economic development of this state. Serving Georgia is central to our mission, and we are proud to make a difference here each and every day.