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Denise A. Spangler, Education

Denise A. Spangler, professor of mathematics education and associate dean for faculty and staff services in the College of Education, holds the Bebe Aderhold Professorship in Early Childhood Education. Spangler focuses on strengthening mathematics education in elementary schools. Her goal, through teaching and research, is to empower elementary school teachers to help their students become competent and confident in math, a subject that plays an increasingly important role in society today. A leader in her field, Spangler serves as a member of the board of directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

I am grateful for the support of donors such as the Aderhold family. The Bebe Aderhold endowment helps fund my graduate research assistants. Their work is critical to the success of my research projects, and it gives them valuable experience that will benefit them throughout their careers.”

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