ProfilesPresident Emeritus Chuck and Lynne Knapp

President Emeritus Chuck and Lynne Knapp

Chuck Knapp served as the University of Georgia’s 20th president from 1987 to 1997. Throughout his term, he emphasized the enhancement of UGA’s academic reputation. His wife of 49 years, Lynne, served alongside him as a dedicated fundraiser. As an architect with a love for music, she focused much of her work on advancing the arts. Together, the Knapps have continued their dedicated service to UGA long after the 10 years Chuck served as president.

During Chuck’s time as president, he and Lynne helped secure the gift from Herman and Mary Virginia Terry that gave UGA’s business college its name. Recently, he served as interim dean of the Terry College and said the role re-awakened his love for the University. The couple has since made a commitment through their estate plans to include generous funding for the Terry College. That commitment will help the college attract and retain talented scholars and increase professional development opportunities for its faculty.

The Knapps also were instrumental in the construction of the Performing Arts Center, the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, and the first phase of the Georgia Museum of Art. Before these facilities were built, the grounds on East Campus were used by grazing cows and football fans searching for parking on game days. Chuck recalled attending a concert in his first year on campus and thinking the University needed an auditorium worthy of housing such a “marvelous performance.” The Knapps’ most recent gift will ensure that the Performing Arts Center is able to offer performances from renowned musical artists for years to come.

Chuck and Lynne always have believed it was important that the buildings on campus be “physical manifestations” of the impressive work done within their walls. Their support, both past and present, demonstrates their unyielding dedication to securing UGA’s long-term success.

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