Reaching New Heights

First-Year Class

For the fifth consecutive year, the University of Georgia welcomed the most academically talented class in the institution’s history. With more than 5,800 first-year students, the Class of 2021 entered the nation’s first state-chartered university with an average high school grade point average of 4.0 and an average ACT score of 30.

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Double Dawgs Program

The Double Dawgs program was introduced in February 2017 to create structured pathways for qualified students to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree within five years. The dual degrees offered through the Double Dawgs program can be within one department or discipline (e.g., Accounting BBA and Accounting MAcc) or across departments, schools, or colleges (e.g., Electrical Engineering BSEE and Business Administration MBA). By helping UGA students develop advanced skills and knowledge in just five years, the Double Dawgs program lowers the overall cost of education while giving our students a competitive advantage in the job market and in the workplace after graduation.

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Science Learning Center

In fall 2016, the University of Georgia opened the Science Learning Center, a new instructional facility that is transforming undergraduate science education on our campus. The state-of-the-art building includes technology-enhanced classrooms and laboratories that promote the highest levels of student learning and collaboration.

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Archway Partnership

The Archway Partnership, a unit of the Office of Public Service and Outreach, was launched in 2005 to extend access to higher education resources across the state and address critical community-identified needs. Since its inception, the Archway Partnership has served a dozen Georgia communities through collaborations with UGA’s 17 colleges and schools and other higher education institutions. Archway provides direct access for faculty and students to experience the opportunities and challenges facing communities in Georgia.

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Commit to Georgia

The University of Georgia has launched the Commit to Georgia campaign, a $1.2 billion fundraising initiative. A commitment to students is at the center of this major fundraising effort, beginning with eliminating financial barriers through scholarship support. The Commit to Georgia campaign also will create more opportunities for hands-on learning and mentorship. In addition, the campaign will help faculty and staff address some of the toughest issues facing our state and the world.

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Expanding Informatics

The University of Georgia is strengthening its instruction and research in informatics, a rapidly growing field that harnesses massive data sets to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Eight new faculty members recently joined UGA following the completion of the Presidential Informatics Hiring Initiative, bringing the total number of informatics faculty to more than 160 across campus. In addition, the University is launching the Georgia Informatics Institutes for Research and Education, which will house undergraduate and graduate programs and promote collaboration among faculty.

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Fostering Student Success

Measures of student success at the University of Georgia are at all-time highs, and ongoing enhancements to the learning environment aim to lift retention and graduation rates to even higher levels in the coming years. The retention rate — an indicator of student success and satisfaction that quantifies the percentage of incoming students who return for their sophomore year — now stands at 96 percent, a record that exceeds the 95 percent average retention rate for UGA’s highly selective aspirational institutions. UGA’s 96 percent freshman retention rate also exceeds the 90 percent average for UGA’s peer institutions and the 88 percent Southeastern Conference average.

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Experiential Learning

The University of Georgia is the largest public university in the nation to ensure that all undergraduate students engage in experiential learning prior to graduation. Through internships, research, study abroad, service-learning, and other opportunities, UGA students apply content from their coursework to pressing issues outside of the classroom, connect with faculty and professional mentors, enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and prepare for graduate school and career opportunities.

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Global Education

University of Georgia students have opportunities to complete courses, internships, and service projects in countries around the globe. Spanning the seven continents, UGA’s more than 100 faculty-led study abroad programs expose students to experiential learning in a variety of disciplines. More than 2,000 UGA students study abroad each year, making the institution a national leader. The Institute for International Education’s Open Doors report ranked UGA No. 13 for the number of students earning academic credit abroad.

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Exploratory Center

The University of Georgia opened the Exploratory Center for Student Advising to provide strategic academic advising to all students with unspecified majors and those with intended-business or intended-journalism majors. Longer appointments and assignments that generate student reflection are some of the features that make advising in the Exploratory Center unique. The 14 specially trained advisors in the center serve more than 3,000 students, helping them create action plans that align their learning experiences with their career goals.

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Investing in the Student Experience

The University of Georgia has launched a new presidential hiring initiative to continue to enhance the learning environment for students. This latest hiring effort — called Investing in the Student Experience — will recruit exceptional faculty members in academic disciplines with majors that are seeing dramatic growth in student demand. Additional academic advisors also will be hired to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in these high-demand areas.

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Community Partnerships

The University of Georgia remains focused on supporting the local Athens community. To kick off the fall semester, UGA undergraduates took part in the Athens-Clarke County Welcome Back Initiative and the sixth annual Dawg Day of Service. UGA also recently joined the statewide Great Promise Partnership Program, which will connect at-risk local youth to part-time jobs on campus, and is expanding internship opportunities to Athens-Clarke County students for work-based learning in areas that fit students’ academic and professional aspirations.

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Peabody Awards

77th Annual Peabody Awards Logo, George Foster Peabody profile

The University of Georgia proudly hosted the 77th Annual Peabody Awards in New York City a few weeks ago. Established as the equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize for radio in 1941, the George Foster Peabody Award recognizes the most compelling and empowering stories released in electronic media.


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