Venture Funding

The President’s Venture Fund (PVF) was established to support students with funding for small programs and projects in amounts typically ranging from $500 to $5,000. Successful letters of request for small grants have included the following elements:

  • A one-time need, which should not require annual renewal or be part of a regular annual budget. Special events, performances, and start-up costs are all good examples;

  • A demonstration of matching support at some level—internal, departmental, college or school, and/or vice presidential—illustrating an institutional commitment to the program. Letters of support may be attached;

  • A budget, with the portion of the event to be funded by the President’s Venture Fund clearly designated.

Funding opportunities are customarily brought to the President’s attention by the Provost, a Vice President, Dean, or Department Head. Funding requests for research and academic programs are not supported by the President’s Venture Fund.

Requests are reviewed monthly. One- to two-page letters with supporting materials seeking support from the PVF may be sent to the President’s Office for consideration.


Public acknowledgment of support from the President’s Venture Fund should be included in any printed programs, reports, or publicity materials, as well as any acknowledgments to sponsors. Please use the following single line of text for such acknowledgments:

“This program is supported in part by the President’s Venture Fund through the generous gifts of University of Georgia donors.”

Follow-up Report

A brief, one-page letter of report must be submitted following the completion of any program, activity, or event funded through the President’s Venture Fund. The report should summarize the highlights of the program, attendance, discussion, and any other details that would help illustrate the impact of this program on the University and those in attendance. Included in this report should be a summary of expenditures. The report should be sent within 60 days of the completion of the program to:

Office of the President
University of Georgia
Administration Building
220 South Jackson Street
Athens, Georgia 30602

How to Request Venture Funding