Vice Presidents

The University of Georgia has one Senior Vice Presidentthe Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provostand nine Vice Presidents. All of the University’s Vice Presidents are members of the Cabinet.

Reporting to the President

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost S. Jack Hu
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Kelly K. Kerner
Vice President for Finance and Administration Ryan A. Nesbit
Interim Vice President for Government Relations J. Griffin Doyle
Vice President for Student Affairs Victor K. Wilson
Chief of Staff and Vice President for Marketing & Communications Kathy R. Pharr
General Counsel Michael M. Raeber
J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Joshua G. Brooks

Reporting to the Provost

Vice President for Information Technology Timothy M. Chester
Vice President for Instruction Marisa A. Pagnattaro
Vice President for Public Service and Outreach Jennifer L. Frum
Vice President for Research Karen J.L. Burg
Senior Vice Provost for Diversity & Inclusion and Strategic University Initiatives Michelle Cook
Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Usha R. Rodrigues
Vice Provost for Graduate Education Ronald R. Walcott