Gaelen Burke in Laboratory

March 09, 2023
by Jere W. Morehead, President

Over the past decade, the University of Georgia has secured its place among America’s best research universities. Our annual R&D expenditures have risen more than 50% in the last 10 years, surpassing half a billion dollars for the first time in FY22, while the number of sponsored awards secured by UGA faculty has more than doubled. Along the way, our faculty have earned countless accolades such as the McArthur Genius Award, SEC Professor of the Year, and election into several National Academies.

Intent on bettering lives, UGA faculty have translated their breakthroughs into tangible benefits for the world, from commercial products that support the agriculture industry to therapeutics that treat neurodegenerative diseases. The number of projects in the University’s start-up pipeline has grown by 185% over the past decade, and more than 400 products based on UGA research have been brought to market, including 60 in FY22 alone. As a result, UGA has been named a top five university for research-based products reaching the market for nine consecutive years.

UGA’s capacity to accelerate research and innovation continues to grow in the dynamic ecosystem of exploration created by extraordinary scholars; generous alumni and friends; and strong leadership at the university, state, and federal levels. In the years ahead, we will continue building on these efforts to make the University of Georgia the No. 1 destination for faculty, students, and industry partners who are working together to create a better future.