Wormsloe landscape with water

August 01, 2017
by Jere W. Morehead, President

For University of Georgia students, experiential learning occurs in many settings, whether on campus, across the state, or around the world. One of the most unique settings in which our students gain this valuable hands-on learning is Wormsloe, a tidewater estate founded in the mid-1730s near Savannah.

Offering one of the richest cultural and ecological landscapes in Georgia, Wormsloe provides students and faculty with unparalleled opportunities for research and education that transcends disciplinary boundaries. In fact, more than a dozen academic units at UGA have programs at Wormsloe.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Wormsloe Foundation, UGA owns 15 acres of the Wormsloe property. The Foundation also helped the University build two new cabins, which were dedicated last year, to house students and faculty at the Center for Research and Education at Wormsloe.

Wormsloe is an excellent example of the highly interconnected and complementary nature of the teaching and research functions of the University of Georgia and the positive impact that private donors can have on our students’ educational experiences.