A New Era

August 16, 2016
by Jere W. Morehead, President

A new era of undergraduate education has begun at the University of Georgia with the implementation of the experiential learning initiative. The Class of 2020, our most academically qualified and diverse in history, is the first to participate in this bold new initiative. Experiential learning helps our students apply content from their coursework to pressing issues outside of the classroom, connect with faculty and professional mentors, enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and prepare for graduate school and career opportunities. UGA is now the largest public research university in the nation to require all undergraduate students to engage in this unique type of learning prior to graduation.

The experiential learning initiative builds upon the University’s already strong culture of encouraging students to explore and contribute to the world around them. Today, students are engaging in faculty-mentored research in record numbers through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, for example, working alongside experts to advance discovery in their fields. Participation in study abroad continues to grow; in fact, UGA is ranked 11th among all U.S. institutions for the number of students studying abroad. Each college and school at the University stands ready to support their students in pursuing these and other hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships and service-learning, that are tailored to their degree programs.

The experiences gained through this pioneering initiative will make a positive impact on UGA students and will help them, in turn, make a positive difference in the world.