Clark Howell Hall

Enhancing Student Services at UGA

November 01, 2017
by Jere W. Morehead, President

Excellent student services are a vital component of the University of Georgia’s world-class learning environment. To continue enhancing the student experience at UGA, we recently renovated Clark Howell Hall, a facility that houses three important offices—the UGA Career Center, the Disability Resource Center, and University Testing Services.

The Career Center provides a wide range of professional development opportunities—from helping students identify career paths to connecting them with employers for job interviews.  Also a critical facility, the Disability Resource Center offers critical academic and support services for students with disabilities, such as note-taking services, testing accommodations, and sign language interpreters.  For students seeking test-taking services for the GRE or the MCAT, the University Testing Center maintains a centralized testing and evaluation site.

The $6 million renovation project—funded by the state—has improved accessibility, added modern spaces for advising and networking, and updated critical building systems for the nearly 27,000 individuals who benefit from the services offered in Clark Howell Hall each year.