Indoor Athletic Facility

February 14, 2017
by Jere W. Morehead, President

Today was an exciting day for the Bulldog Nation as we dedicated the Indoor Athletic Facility—a world-class facility that supports the training needs of our more than 600 outstanding student-athletes.

The Indoor Athletic Facility is a testament to the tremendous loyalty, passion, and excitement that our alumni and friends feel for Georgia athletics. When this $30.2 million project was approved many months ago, the University of Georgia called on our alumni and friends for their support. They responded with overwhelming generosity, raising the entire cost of this project with private gifts. 

Working together, we are fulfilling our commitment to provide our student-athletes with the tools and resources they need to succeed at the highest levels—from conference and national championships to Olympic competition on the international stage. I am deeply grateful to all of the individuals whose generous contributions made this exceptional facility possible.