Meaningful Relationships

October 29, 2020
by Jere W. Morehead, President

The UGA Mentor Program has created more than 2,000 meaningful relationships since its launch just over a year ago. Connecting students and alumni in every school and college, this program has become a valuable part of a UGA education at every degree level.

Alumni who want to support the next generation of Bulldogs have found the UGA Mentor Program to be an ideal avenue. There are no limits on location—a good thing since UGA alumni are leading industries all over the world. And because the program is largely conducted via text, phone, and email, connections have continued uninterrupted despite the pandemic.

Sharing personal insights gained from their lives and career paths after graduation, UGA alumni are helping to make current students’ futures better. At the same time, they are being inspired by the aspirations and ambition of the newest members of the Bulldog family. The outstanding staff in the Career Center, which oversees the program, have made the UGA Mentor Program website a one-stop shop for mentors and mentees to get started and to make the most of their relationship. 

I encourage our alumni to consider opening their calendars for current UGA students, and I urge our students to take advantage of this opportunity to open doors for themselves. A commitment of a couple of hours a month can lead to a lifetime of benefits.